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Virtual Robotics Classes!

We here at ACBR! are so excited to kick off our virtual robotics classes! As educators ourselves, we understand how challenging distance learning can be, that's why we've been hard at work, designing the most engaging, exciting, and educational beginner robotics class experience possible!  Are you interested in a one on one virtual robotics class experience?  One of our team members will contact you with pricing, and provide more information about our custom one on one robotics classes! 

How does it work?

Step One:  Select one of our awesome robotics kits, and purchase it here through our website.


Step Two:  Fill out the contact form below, and one of our team members will reach out to you to schedule your virtual robotics class! 


Affordability is key to ACBR, that's why we want our classes to be available to anyone all around the world!  Pricing starts at $100 per Three Hour Session.  These sessions can be broken up into (3) 1 hour sessions, (2) 1.5 hour sessions, or (1) 3 hour session. You can book as many 3 hour sessions as you'd like! With a maximum amount of participants of 5 students per class, you can invite friends and family at no additional cost! 

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