RF Nano Controller Kit
  • RF Nano Controller Kit

    Did you have a blast programming an ACBR! Robot? Are you ready to take things to the next level? Do you have a robotics project in need of a wireless controller? Then the ACBR! Universal Robot Controller is for you! This controller is compatible with our Rover Robotics Kit, and Robotic Laser Cannon Kit, as well as any other Arduino project that uses the L293D Radio.  With the included RF Nano, as well as tons of example code for connecting your projects, getting started with wireless robotics programming is a blast! Users can program both joysticks, the joystick buttons, and even an MPU60-50 gyroscope chip for gesture-based projects!  As with all ACBR Robotics Kits, each kit is shipped with a USB flash drive with a full-color guide book with example code, and full build video and programming tutorial video to help you get started! Please note, this kit requires some basic soldering, which can be a ton of fun. If you'd prefer to order a pre-soldered kit, feel free to select the "Pre-Soldered" option from the menu to the right.  



    - 1 RF Nano (Arduino Nano with built-in NRF24L01 radio)

    - 1 Battery Holder

    - 2 18650 Batteries with Charger

    - 2 Joysticks

    - 1 MPU 60-50 Gyroscope Chip

    - 1 Power Switch

    - 1 USB Programming Cable

    - 1 Custom PCB

    - 1 USB Flashdrive with a full guide book and example code

    • Shipping Info

      All of our robotics kits go out the door in a high quality ACBR! Box, and sent in a Flat Rate Padded envelope.  For bulk / classroom orders feel free to drop us a line for more accurate shipping information!