TT Motor Kit
  • TT Motor Kit

    We love these all-black TT motors here at ACBR, they're well built, have a great built-in gear ratio, and look great! In order to help you get started as easily as possible we include the pre-soldered JST Connector, zip-tie, and all of the neccecary hardware needed to incorporate these motors into your projects! Including 2 M3 X 25mm bolts with Nylon Locking Nut, as well as a #4 by 1in self-tapping screw to firmly attach your wheel to your motor! These motors are the standard TT motor size, and run close to 250 RPM (at the wheel) at 9 volts.  They make for a quick little bot!  These motors are included in the ACBR Rover Robotics Kit here in our shop.