PS3 Compatible Wireless Controller
  • PS3 Compatible Wireless Controller

    Did you know that the esp32 can interface directly with a standard PS3 controller without any additional hardware?  The rumors are true! Now, this is not an official PlayStation 3 controller, but it is fully compatible, and capable of acting as the perfect controller for your next esp32 based robotics project.  The only feature missing in this model is the accelerometer, other than that it's a solid PS3 controller clone. This is the same controller we ship with our Voyager, Explorer, and Rover Robotics Kits.  This controller's performance will shock you!  We sure were! Using an external antenna on our esp32 we saw a communication range of over 500 feet!  For more information, or to see it in action, head over to the tutorials section, or click the link below! 




    - PS3 Compatible

    - Internal Rechargeable Battery

    - Charge / Sync Cable Included

    - Easy Integration with the ESP32