Explorer Robotics Kit
  • Explorer Robotics Kit

    Looking for a smaller ESP32 Powered Adventure Robot?  The Explorer is almost identical to our larger ESP32 Voyager, with the exception of its size!  At half the size of our larger Voyager, it's a little shorter, a little more affordable, and just as much fun! These are our toughest robot to date, with two dc motors, driving our sturdy metal tank chassis kit, this kit has everything you need to build an amazing off-road adventure robot.  We've tested the Explorer in sand, dirt, gravel, grass, you name it, and it's conquered it all! This kit includes everything you need to get exploring. Please note, the robotic arm is an additional add on. We have a ton of fun add-ons that can take your bot to the next level! This kit can be controlled using a Playstation 3 controller (available in the shop), ESP-NOW, a smartphone via Bluetooth, even a laptop or computer using wifi! This kit is an absolute blast, not only to build but to program as well! 



    - 1 PCB complete with component kit (or pre-soldered)

    - 4 Rechargeable 18650 batteries

    - 2 18650 Chargers

    - 1 Battery Strap

    - 1 ESP32-WROOM-32U Microcontroller

    - 1 External Long Range Antenna

    - 1 Micro USB Cable

    - 1 Flashdrive loaded with example code

    - 2 Tank Chassis Kit


    Due to high demand, please allow up to 7 business days processing time for your order.  We take the time to test each and every kit that goes out our door in order to ensure the highest quality robotics kits possible. 



    Quick Note: Be sure to make a selection for all three options on the side menu to see the final pricing for your robotics kit. 


    Robotic Arm Kit:  If you would like to add our robotic arm kit to your ESP32 Voyager Robotics Kit, please select this option from the side menu.  This full metal robotic arm kit comes complete with two high torque metal gear ds3218 servos, two high torque metal gear mg996 servos, metal robotic claw, and all of the hardware you need to build an awesome robotic arm! 


    Pre-Soldered Kit:  Learning to solder up the voyager robotics kit can be a blast! But for those who are unfamiliar with surface mount soldering, may want to opt to purchase a pre-soldered robotics kit.  Feel free to select this option from the side menu. 


    PS3 Controller: The ESP32 Voyager can be controlled in a number of different ways, but one of the easiest ways to get started is the use of a PS3 controller.  These controllers are not a genuine Playstation product, but make for an awesome robot controller! If you'd like us to include a PS3 controller select the option from the side menu.