Rover Robotics Kit
  • Rover Robotics Kit

    The brand new Rover Robotics Kit is here! This robotics kit includes everything you need to get started in robotics!  With over 30 pieces, tools, rechargeable batteries and chargers, and a thumb drive with every bit of code you'll need, as well as a 60 pg full-color instruction guide, complete with video guides to help every step of the way!


    With its integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, NeoPixel RGB LEDs, and interactive speaker, the Rover has dozens of lessons in programming light, sound, and motion! Not only that, but it can be controlled using a standard PS3 video game controller, a smartphone using a Bluetooth controller app, even with a laptop or desktop computer using Wi-Fi!   Controlling the Rover with a smartphone app can be done right out of the box, but if you're looking to add a PS3 video game controller to your order, be sure to select the "Include PS3 controller" option from the menu to the right! 


    The precision laser cut anodized aluminum frame, and high power batteries mean that the Rover is ready for adventure!  Unlike other plastic robotics kits, the high strength aluminum from of the Rover is built to last, and bring the fun and excitement of robotics anywhere! 


    Looking for additional sensors, and our innovative prototyping platform for your Rover Robotics Kit? Then be sure to add the additional "Prototyping Platform" option from the menu to the right.  This precision laser cut acrylic top plate includes a mini breadboard and a high tech laser range finder distance sensor to offer a whole host of additional exciting projects for the Rover Robotics Kit! 


    As always, we're committed to donating a portion of all proceeds to giving away robots to schools in need all around the world.  So pick up a kit, save the world, build a robot!



    - 4 Black TT motors with Wheel

    - 4 JST Connectors and Wires

    - ESP32 Microcontroller

    - 4 WS2812 NeoPixel RGB LEDs

    - Integrated Speaker

    - All Metal Robot Chassis

    - 2 Rechargeable 18650 batteries with charger

    - Custom PCB

    - 18650 Battery Holder

    - DDRV8871 Motor Driver

    - USB Cable

    - Flashdrive with 60 pg full-color guide and example code

    - Full length Build and Programming Tutorial Video

    - Screw Driver with Mini Wrench

    • Shipping Info

      All of our robotics kits go out the door in a high quality ACBR! Box, and sent in a Flat Rate Padded envelope.  For bulk / classroom orders feel free to drop us a line for more accurate shipping information!