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The RF Nano Controller Upgrade! Building your own custom NRF24L01 Arduino based Robot Controller

Hey guys! As I'm sure you know by now, I'm a huge fan of the NRF24L01, it's a great way to get two Arduinos talking. When the RF Nano (Arduino Nano with integrated NRF24L01) came on the scene about a year ago, I was so excited. It had never been so easy for me and my students to build custom controllers for our robotics projects! Since then, I've been using our trusty RF Nano controller PCB. The same one we've had in the shop! It has been a trusty little board, but now it's time for an upgrade! As always, if you'd like to watch the video for this tutorial we have it right here. Enjoy!

For those of you reading along, here's our original RF Nano controller.