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The ESP32 Voyager! The Ultimate Open Source ESP32 Adventure Robot

Updated: May 15, 2020

Ever since I started researching the ESP32, I have been hooked! With tons of GPIO pins, 16 PWM Channels, and tons of wireless communication options built it, it's the perfect candidate to serve as the heart of an awesome open-source adventure robot. After a few fun weeks of development, I'm very excited to present... the ESP32 Voyager!

This tutorial is meant to give you an overview of the Voyager, as well as provide all of the board files, schematic, BOM, and everything else you'd need to build your own! As always, we have these bots available in our shop here, if you'd prefer to get all of the parts from us! We set aside a large portion of all proceeds to donating robotics supplies to students all around the world!

If you'd like to see this guy in action, feel free to watch our ESP32 Voyager overview video on our YouTube channel here!

This robot is a blast! Let's take a second and go over some of the features we've designed in. First, we'll start with power.

Part One: The Features!

The Power System: