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We started ACBR! with three simple goals. The first was to make building exciting, engaging, and educational robots as simple as possible.  The second goal was to make these robots affordable so that anyone regardless of the social, economic, or geographic barriers has the opportunity to learn about robotics.  We believe that if you want to learn how to build robots, you should be able to do it!  Our third goal is to give as many robotics kits as we can, away for free! That's why a large portion of all sales goes directly to providing STEM curriculum and robotics kits to students, schools, and other non-profit organizations for free!

Have a question for us?  We love talking robots and are happy to answer any questions you may have, or assist you in any way.  Feel free to write us a message in the chatbox down below, or give us a call at 1+ (858) 434 5830, and we'll get back to you asap!  So stick around, check out some of our videos, read a tutorial, and remember.. anyone can build robots! 

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